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International seminar with Eugenio Barba

Enrolment for the workshop is already closed.

International Seminar with Eugenio Barba is organised on the occasion of the performance UR-HAMLET during the period 3rd June to 18th June 2009 in Wroclaw. 

The seminar serves as an introduction to the actor’s training and improvisation technique, connecting these to the real work of rehearsing and performing the production Ur-Hamlet based on the 13th century chronicle by Saxo Grammaticus. The seminar deals with the many collaborative tasks of merging the individual results into the shared complexity of the performance. It gives the possibility to be actively introduced into the decisive phase of the performance’s dramaturgical development. It obliges the performer to adapt him/herself, as well as the whole performance, to totally different specific sites. And it provides an opportunity to witness or experience one’s one professional identity within an intercultural context of actors, singers, dancers and musicians from Bali, Japan, India, Brazil, Europe and Odin Teatret. Eugenio Barba will be in charge of the seminar and direct Ur-Hamlet, in dialogue with the participants. His collaborators will guide the training. 


The daily programme will consist of basic vocal and physical training, and mainly of improvisations and rehearsals for the Ur-Hamlet and work/dialogues with Eugenio Barba.