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THE LEASH | Print |

Teatr Polski in Wroclaw


Dramaturgy and directed by Natalia Korczakowska

Set designers Natalia Korczakowska, Anna Met

Music and arrangements Lukasz Damrych

Light designer Olaf Tryzna

Producer Katarzyna Majewska



Bartosz Porczyk: Housebreaker, Mr Maximum, The customer of supermarket, Janushek, Johnny, Man-Monkey, Father Henry, Margaret



keyboards—Lukasz Damrych

contrabas—Tomasz Pierzchniak

drums—Lukasz Sobolak

guitar—Piotr Kaluta

violin—Olga Kwiatek

saxophone—Robert Kamalski

the opening in Poland at the Small Stage on 30 November 2006


Bartosz Porczyk’s own project. He is the winner of the XXVII Singing Actors’ Festival (2006). The spectacle was inspired by the song ‘The leash’ by a music group Maanam. The titular item symbolizes the enslavement of the contemporary human by their addictions. The production is built on short monologues which help to combine the songs into coherent unity of the subject. They enable a gentle skip from one theme to another. In the musical layer one can find among many others the compositions of Lona, Marek Grechuta and groups Myslovitz, Lady Pank and Fasolki.