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City of Wroclaw

Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016

the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Wroclaw Puppet Theatre


Script: Romuald Wicza-Pokojski

Director: Romuald Wicza-Pokojski

Music: Igor Nowicki

Cast: Anna Skubik

For the first time in Wroclaw Puppet Theatre


Something for those who love sophisticated entertainment - a monodrama about Marlene Dietrich. This received excellent opinions from the critics and spectators alike, and included the most beautiful of her songs performed superbly by charismatic Anna Skubik. The star is shown in her later days, confronting her own passing legend, while Skubik manages to present two characters - Dietrich and her nurse - in a beautiful and intriguing way, subtly alluding to the sexual context of their stormy mutual relationship. A wonderful, tense spectacle about the power of passion, fame and the addiction to one’s own legend.


The performance obtained the Grand Prix at the international WroSTJA 2008 festival, it was presented at festivals in Edinburgh and Thessalonica and was played in Athens, Leeds, Dublin, on Tenerife and in many other places.


Website: http://www.teatrlalek.wroclaw.pl/