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City of Wroclaw

Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016

the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Direction: Lucia Rikaki

Duration: 65 min.


Greek language with English subtitles 


The documentary The journey of Dionysus explores Theodoros Terzopoulos’ method of work from the very basic training methods down to the final performance. Theodoros Terzopoulos has a very particular approach in his directin and training actors. He belives that the ancient memories are written in the body and it is this language that revives demanding from his actors what he knows is possible. Using what he calls biodynamic code of expression, he achieves a very impressive result which also enables a foreign audience to explore the essence of ancient tragedy.

The documentary offers shots from the rehearsals as well as main sequences of the play as it was presented in several performances around the world. It also includes excerpts from the international theatre revives and interviews from the director and the actors of Attis Theatre. Theatre experts like Marrianne Mac Donald, Francoise Ghiron Bistagne, Uberto Albini, Swares Awasti situate Terzopoulos’ approach in the contemporary theatre scene.