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City of Wroclaw

Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016

the Ministry of Science and Higher Education


Exhibition devoted to theatre masters at the turn of the 21st century, on the Old Market Square

Logo the Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London9th June
London, UK

Presentation on the activities of the Grotowski Institute at the Central School of Speech and Drama 

The British Grotowski Project11th–14th June
Canterbury, UK

Presentation on the activities of the Grotowski Institute at the conference Grotowski: Theatre and Beyond, realised by the British Grotowski Project at the University of Kent

  • Meeting with Ludwik Flaszen devoted to his English-language book The Laboratory Theatre and after (provisional title), published by Icarus Publishing Enterprise (a collaboration between the Grotowski Institute, Odin Teatret and Theatre Arts Researching the Foundations, Malta), supported by the British Grotowski Project
  • Meeting devoted to the second issue of Polish Theatre Perspectives (Grotowski: Voices from Within), edited by Paul Allain and Grzegorz Ziolkowski

14th–30th June

International Theatre Festival THE WORLD AS A PLACE OF TRUTH

This festival, with a name inspired from a speech by Jerzy Grotowski, is an opportunity to witness the work of directors who transformed different areas of the theatre in the twentieth century, very often pushing artistic boundaries. Each featured world master has developed a special aesthetic and form, drawing heavily from the influence of Grotowski’s acting methods and research. The festival will explore the questions, “What is permanent in the transitory art of theatre?” “What is independent of the momentary tastes of audiences?” and “What are we carrying to the new theatre millennium?”  

From 14th to 30th June 2009 in Wroclaw, there will be an array of performances directed by:

The festival also will include meetings with Ludwik Flaszen and Anatoly Vassiliev (See: www.sdart.ru), as well as conversations with the featured masters and film presentations. 

Roberto Bacci

Eugenio Barba

Pina Bausch 

Peter Brook. Phot. Tomasz Hołod

Alvis Hermanis

Krystian Lupa. Phot. Piotr Skiba

Richard Schechner

Tadashi Suzuki

Theodoros Terzopoulos

Krzysztof Warlikowski

Ludwik Flaszen

Anatoly Vassiliev

The festival also will offer performances by “The Eastern Line”, a collection of Eastern Europe’s premiere Grotowski-inspired experimental theatre companies, all supported in the past by the Grotowski Centre and the Grotowski Institute

27th June

  • Meeting of former collaborators of Jerzy Grotowski: ‘For this Land is an Inn on Our Great Journey’
  • Meeting with Dariusz Kosinski devoted to his book Grotowski. Przewodnik [Grotowski. A Guide] (Wroclaw: the Grotowski Institute, 2009) 
  • Meeting devoted to the first issue of the English-language journal Polish Theatre Perspectives (Grzegorzewski, Warlikowski, and Sketches), edited by Tadeusz Kornas, published by the Grotowski Institute