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City of Wroclaw

Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016

the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

7th July – 5th August
Wroclaw, Brzezinka

Practical seminar Meetings with Remarkable Women within the frame of the project by Virginie Magnat (Canada), realised in collaboration with the Grotowski Institute

  • Work sessions led by Ang Gey Pin, Dora Arreola, Rena Mirecka, Iben Nagel Rasmussen and Katharina Seyferth
  • Performances and Meetings

Ang Gey Pin. Phot. Maciej ZakrzewskiDora Arreola. Phot. Ed CohenRena Mirecka. Phot. Paola TorricelliIben Nagel Rasmussen. Phot. Francesco GalliKatharina Seiferth. Phot. Alain Meuriot-Queyroux