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Giving Voice


Harmonic Accord - Encounters Through Song

Wroclaw – 18-26 April 2009


Giving Voice



Giving Voice is an established biennial international event mounted in Wales by the Centre for Performance Research of Aberystwyth CPR).

For this special edition, CPR joins the Grotowski Institute to present, in the context of the Grotowski Year 2009, an exceptional edition of the Giving Voice festival.

Wroclaw will host for 8 days an extraordinary range of voices from all over the world including those from: Armenia, Austria, Corsica, Georgia, Guinea, Iran, Italy, Kurdistan, Mongolia, North America, Palestine, Poland, Sardinia, Serbia, Spain, the Ukraine and Wales.

Sharing ideas and practice through workshops, performances, and discussions, the festival brings together those – performers, teachers, scholars – who have an interest in the voice but who may not necessarily meet in the usual course of their practice.

These Encounters Through Song spring from a mutual interest of CPR and the Grotowski Institute on the ‘inspiration’ of the song, in particular the expressive and connective potential of the song and the act of singing as a gathering of oneselves. At that point, singing and listening can help us shed the de-sensitised skins of everyday life, and vitally re-connect to ourselves: re-source and re-sound.


In seeking theatre out of the spirit of music, our questions embrace, and extend beyond, aesthetics, technique, the culturally specific matters of repertoire, archaism and the relationship of tradition to innovation and mutation, collectivity, polyphony and chorus, legacy and legitimacy.

In this year 2009 dedicated to Jerzy Grotowski, this special edition takes inspiration from Grotowski’s profound and pioneering work on song and the voice in action.


The invited participants – artists, groups, pedagogues, lecturers – will include

Bragod (Wales)

Caroline Bithell (UK)

Cuncordu de Orosei and

Tenores Antoni Milia (Sardinia)

Jonathan Hart Makwaia (United States)

Hasmik Harutyunyan (Armenia)

Erik Hillestad (Norway)

Bente Kahan (Norway)

N'faly Kouyate (Guinea-Conakry, Belgium)

La Kaita, Alejandro Vega, El Peregrino an El Nene (Spain)

Kristin Linklater (UK)

Lalish Theater Labor (Vienna, Austria)

Meredith Monk (Unites States)

Mher Navoyan (Armenia)

Michael Ormiston and Tserendavaa (UK/Mongolia)

Nataliia Polovynka and Majsternia Pisni (Ukraine)

Teatr Piesn Kozla (Wroclaw, Poland)

Pilpani family (Georgia)

Maryana Sadovska and Kitka  (United States)

Svetlana Spajic (Serbia)

Tomasz Rodowicz and Theatre association Chorea (Lodz, Poland)

Teatro delle Albe (Ravenna, Italy)

Tempvs fvgit... (Corsica, France)

Vahdat ensemble (Iran)

Teatr ZAR (Wroclaw, Poland)



Download the programme of the Giving Voice Festival




Photos, in the order of reading : Mestia, Georgia (photo Tomasz
Wierzbowski); Meredith Monk (photo Jessie Froman); Sermanu, Corsica
(photo Jean F. Favreau); El Peregrino; Svetlana Spaic; Michael
Ormiston and Tserendavaa in Mongolia; Cuncordu de Orosei; Maisternia
Pisni (photo Ostap Kostyuk); Orosei, Sardinia (photo Jean F. Favreau),
Eptime Pilpani, Teatr ZAR (photo Ken Reynolds), la Kaita.






If you wish to take part in the festival, you can:


1 - Join the practical seminars, and be fully part of the festival.

The festival is divided in three blocks: first three days (April 20th-22nd), the single central day (April 23rd), and the last three days (24th-26th), so that you can apply to take part in one or two of these groups, or in the full festival.



full festival pass: Full/Reduced: 430/260 euros

first or third block: Full/Reduced: 260/150 euros

one day carnet (second block): Full/Reduced: 150/100 euros


please note: we decided to propose a form of scholarship for some participants who cannot afford to pay the prices above and whom we think deserve to take part to the festival (unemployed/students young artists from non wealthy countries...) the applications will be examined individually. Please contact us.


2 - You can also buy separately a performance / lecture ticket: aside of the Carnets and depending on the availabilities, some tickets will be sold separately.



Concerts: Full/Reduced: 30 to 40 zlotys/15 to 20 zlotys

Lectures, work-demonstrations: Full/Reduced: 20/10 zlotys


Please note: It is not possible to take part in a workshop without being part of the whole festival.




Participants will be selected on the basis of the application forms (available via the link below). In order to be able to propose the participants the best possible combination, we ask them to choose in each block 2 workshops. Depending on the availabilities, we will allow them to take part to one of them. Time being one of the main selection factors, we recommand that you send your choices as soon as possible.

We will answer as soon as we receive the applications. You will be asked to confirm your participation with a reservation deposit.


DEADLINE and procedure

Please send your completed application form by email by the 3rd of April.


The tickets will be on sale from the 6th of April,

-         online on the website www.ticketpro.pl

-         on the office of the Grotowski Year in Wroclaw: ul. Swidnicka 2/4, Galeria design BWA Wroclaw

(open until the 9th of April)

Contact: givingvoice@grotowski-institute.art.pl

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