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Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016

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Practical seminar "Meetings with Remarkable Women"

7th July – 5th August
Wroclaw, Brzezinka

Practical seminar Meetings with Remarkable Women within the frame of the project by Virginie Magnat (Canada), realised in collaboration with the Grotowski Institute

Meetings with Remarkable Women explores the artistic journeys of women from different cultures and generations who share a direct connection to Grotowski’s legacy through their participation in the various periods of his life-long practical research. The main focus of this project is the interrelation of training, transmission, and creativity. 

From 7 July to 5 August 2009, the Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw, Poland) will host the project’s month-long laboratory of creative research, which will consist of five advanced work sessions led by Rena Mirecka (Laboratory Theatre), Iben Nagel Rasmussen (Odin Teatret), Katharina Seyferth (Paratheatre/Theatre of Sources), Ang Gey Pin and Dora Arreola (Objective Drama Project and Art as Vehicle).

Ang Gey Pin. Phot. Maciej ZakrzewskiDora Arreola. Phot. Ed CohenRena Mirecka. Phot. Paola TorricelliIben Nagel Rasmussen. Phot. Francesco GalliKatharina Seyferth. Phot. Alain Meuriot-Queyroux

This laboratory of creative research will also feature live performances, works-in-progress, documentary films and archival footage, as well as presentations by special guests, and will enable participants to engage in an open dialogue about performance practice in a spirit of mutual trust and respect. These events will take place at two historical sites: the performance space in Wroclaw where the Laboratory Theatre rehearsed and performed landmark productions such as The Constant Prince, Acropolis, and Apocalypsis cum Figuris, and the workspace located in the forest of Brzezinka where Grotowski conducted his paratheatrical research and part of his Theatre of Sources project. 

Meetings with Remarkable Women
is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and directed by Virginie Magnat, a performer, educator and researcher who is the co-founder of the University of British Columbia’s new Interdisciplinary Performance Program focusing on experimental and intercultural performance practices. Stefania Gardecka, who was Grotowski’s personal assistant and the main administrator of the Laboratory Theatre, is the project consultant. Meetings with Remarkable Women is developed in partnership with the Grotowski Institute and the British Grotowski Project. The project is part of the programme of the Grotowski Year 2009 under auspices of UNESCO. 

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