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Krystian Lupa

Krystian Lupa. Phot. Piotr SkibaHe was born in 1943 in Jastrzebie Zdroj. Director, stage designer, writer, teacher. Studied physics, art, graphic design, and theatre and film directing. In the 1970s, Lupa gathered together young actors at the Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Gora. Fascinated by Witkacy and Jung’s writings on psychoanalysis, Lupa explored the possibilities of theatre as a cognitive instrument. The following performances were created at that time: Dandies and Frumps, The Pragmatists, Maciej Korbowa and Bellatrix.

In the mid-1980s, Lupa moved to Krakow. He adapted great German and Russian literature works by Rilke, Musil, and Dostoyevsky for the small stage (Scena Kameralna) of the Stary Teatr in Krakow. Characters created by actors in his productions, such as The Brothers Karamazov or Kalkwerk, can be easily distinguished by their emotional precision and heightened levels of focus. In 1995–1998, Lupa produced an adaptation of Broch’s The Sleepwalkers.

Lupa’s interest focuses on the process of evaluating the worldview formed by European Christian culture. His theatre provokes fiery reactions within both Polish and international audiences. Lupa currently is being honoured with many awards. He is increasingly interested in mystifications and hypocrisy amongst artists. He draws inspiration from Bernhard’s exposing prose and stages his productions in the theatres of Krakow, Wroclaw (Immanuel Kant at the Polish Theatre), and Warsaw (Extinction at the Dramatic Theatre). Exploring problems and myths associated with human spiritual development, he continually delves even deeper into Russian literature (Chekhov, Gorky) and cotemporary drama.

In recent years, Lupa started a novel called Klasztor nasluchujacych… (The Convent of those who listen…), which evolved into a regular diary. Observations and perceptions recorded there have become material for books about “Utopia” – theatre space – and for archives of memoirs in reflective prose.

He has been honoured with many international awards, such as the French Critics' Award for his production of Hermann Broch's The Sleepwalkers at the Stary Teatr in Krakow, judged to be the best foreign language production presented during the 1998/99 season; the Austrian Cross of Merit in 2001; and the French Order of the Fine Arts and Humanities in 2002. In 2008, the international Jury honoured him with the European Theatre Prize.

See more: www.krystianlupa.com