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Pippo Delbono

Born in 1959 in Varazze (Italy). The stories Delbono tells on stage always emerge from deep within the body and soul. Since 1997, he has been running a series of theatre projects in collaboration with amateur artists with various mental impairments, as well as vagrants and illegal immigrants. Many performances have been created as a result: Barboni, Itaca, Il Viaggio, La guerra, Il volio, Il silenzio and Urlo. Illness, suffering, loneliness and death are the main themes of Delbono’s newest production. Many critics claim that he is one of the biggest visionaries of the contemporary theatre. The text of Questo buio feroce (That inhuman darkness) was inspired by an autobiography of Harold Brodkey, an American writer who died of AIDS and endured devastating, inhuman sufferings during the last years of his life. Delbono’s productions have been presented in Poland at various festivals, including Kontakt in Torun and Malta in Poznan.

See www.pippodelbono.it/public/ASP; www.cafebabel.com/eng/article/20723/pippo-delbono-italys-theatre-scene-has-died-its-death.html