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Rodrigo Garcia

Born in 1964 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and currently living in Spain, Garcia has created many outstanding alternative theatre performances. He created and works with an ensemble, La Carniceria Teatro, focusing his research on a cross-section of politics and poetry. An excerpt of a description of his performance at the festival in Avignon in 2007 reads: “His performance Cruda. Yueltay vuelta. Al punto. Chamuscada […] is placed on theatre border. Garcia invited twenty young murgi dancers – a type of carnival dance common in poor districts of his native Buenos Aires – to participate. A group of young men, and only men, full of aggression, behave on stage in a completely natural way. Initially they try to pick a quarrel, look for a reason for a small friendly fight. Two of them put on provocative female clothes, which only intensifies the desperate masculinity. At a culminating moment, text by Rodrigo Garcia appears on a big screen. It describes a scene from Visconti’s Leopard in which old Burt Lancaster lustfully observes young girls. A whole sequence of self-destructive actions takes place afterwards, which changes the play area into a muddy field. Stories about children, girls, Argentinean boys’ families, their criminal pasts and drug abuse come one after another. The actions are contrasted by written signs, on which Garcia laughs at the consumerist lifestyle and prays for a life in poverty”. (Piotr Gruszczynski, Tygodnik Powszechny). 

See www.lacarniceriateatro.com